Phoenicia Development was founded in 2004 when combining the experience of Tom Harb and the family of Joseph Jebailey. As a young entrepreneur in the 1960s, Joseph Jebailey, began a small development company in eastern Canada to become Byblos, a multi-million dollar development company, in Central Florida.
Tom Harb, Chairman and CEO, brought his experience of over 20 years in the engineering and construction industry through his company Harbco Construction, and founded Phoenicia. This family-owned company underlines the years of construction, development, and management experience in Central Florida. Phoenicia's reputation holds firm as Orlando's first-rate, family-owned development company. Today, Phoenicia's developments expand all across Florida and into multiple states. 

Phoenicia's combined expertise and vision has been a vital part of the growth in Central Florida and beyond. 




Phoenicia specializes in consultation, directing, and development of a project through critical phases such as:

  • Initial conception

  • Engineering

  • Architectural design

  • Construction

  • Sales and/or leasing

  • Property management

We pride ourselves in owner property management. 

Management + Leasing

Without tenants, our developments would not thrive as they do. The success of our final product depends heavily on the reputation and experience of our tenants.

At Phoenicia, we work with affiliated brokers and self-manage our tenants.


Phoenicia provides the expertise and knowledge any investor would want to execute the desired project. Our goal is when it comes to investment is income producing acquisition

At Phoenicia, we invest in all of the following ways:

  • Self-funded

  • As a Joint Venture

  • With Investor money






For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call 407-226-8888 or email anyone from the contact list below: 
A. Tom Harb Chairman & CEO
Email: tharb@ph-dev.com
Raquel Robinson Operations Director
Email: rjebailey@ph-dev.com 
Paul Jebailey Property Manager
Email: pjebailey@ph-dev.com 
Deni Davis Office Manager, & Bookkeeper
Email: ddavis@ph-dev.com
Sharon Nauth Senior Office Manager & Bookkeeper
Email: snauth@ph-dev.com
Brianna Codiroli Portfolio Manager
Email: bcodiroli@ph-dev.com

Head Office
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Tel: 407-226-8888
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