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Raquel Robinson
Operations Director
RJebailey Headshot.PNG

As one of the founding members of Phoenicia Development, Raquel has developed the knowledge and experience to efficiently navigate the dynamic real estate environment.  A lifelong mentorship under her father, Joseph JeBailey, and brother-in-law, A. Tom Harb, provided Raquel with the ability to evaluate the landscape of a project, identify its needs and execute accordingly.  Additionally, Raquel performs the essential role of cultivating and maintaining our cohesive support team – a team that provides the foundation for the ongoing success of Phoenicia Development.


Raquel graduated from Rollins College Crummer School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration where she was selected by her Crummer peers to receive the Professional Leadership Award of her graduating class.  Raquel is also a Licensed Real Estate Associate in the State of Florida.

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